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Saw this quote this morning on Pinterest and it really struck a chord with me. Every one of us has things that make us unique, that is what is so beautiful about humanity. However, a lot of us are scared to show everything about us for fear of not fitting in or being rejected. Society paints a picture of what we should be like, look like and act like and anyone who doesn’t fit that mould runs the risk of being rejected. But why should we all be the same? How boring would it be if we were? I hate my nose for example but I would never dream of having it ‘fixed’ – I don’t want to look like the Khardashians, Taylor Swift or Holly Willoughby. They are all beautiful women but they are not me! It has taken me a long time to get to this position of acceptance, and it is still a work in progress! I guess what I am trying to say is don’t be scared to be different – embrace it!

For more inspiring quotes, please check out my Pinterest profile here.

As you may be aware me and Mini Me LOVE to bake, and if the results are OK we like to share them with our friends and neighbours as well! A couple of years ago, we made some chocolate muffins after School one day, and took them round to our neighbours – including the Landlord of a student house next door but one, who happened to be there doing some gardening and tidying on that day. A couple of hours later there was a knock on the door, and when i opened it Penny (the landlord) stood there with a medal for Mini Me which said ‘No 1 Muffin Maker’ on it:

2016-07-12 18.35.36

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Mini Me was over the moon , especially when he realised the medal was actually a huge chocolate coin! And I was really touched that she had gone to the trouble of finding a medal and then printing out a label to put on it to make it even more personalised.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I was given the awful news that the lovely Penny had sadly passed away while on holiday in Spain with her husband. Devastated doesn’t even begin to cover it. RIP you lovely lady, you will always have a special place in our hearts. xxx

My friend, who lives in Dubai, has just launched the most beautiful range of sandals and I love them! Her brand is ‘Teedini Design’ and you can show her some love on her Instagram page here or on Facebook here.

Take a look at my favourite design – the Isla:

2016-07-13 18.32.41

shown here in Grey and Mint Green.

One of the really clever things about Teefini Design though, is that you can buy the ankle straps separately – so you can mix and match them to change the look of the sandal.

2016-07-13 18.33.06

Only available in Dubai at the moment (boo) but I can see World domination on the horizon 😉 What do you think?

I love a bit of snakeskin I do (fake of course)! And when I saw these skater shoes at Shoeaholics.com I had to have them! They look fab with denim of all colours and instantly give a hint of chic to any outfit. Here I am waiting for a train (again!)

2016-07-07 14.30.36

(That isn’t my cig dimp either! Note to self: look what is around you before taking a photo for Instagram – sigh!)

These aren’t available on site anymore, but you can find similar here.

For those of you who don’t know Shoeaholics is owned by Kurt Geiger, and so sells reduced Kurt Geigar, Miss KG, Carvela, and so on. Reduced handbags and shoes. Bargains galore. Its addictive!