So last week was a bit of a fail as I only managed to do one Fast Day, but I am not beating myself up over it because I still managed to lose 2 lbs. I think this is down to the fact that my appetite has reduced, and that when I went on my Work Christmas Do I drank Gin & Tonic which is one of the least calorific drinks that you can have. And after all, it is Christmas so not going to worry too much. Back on track this week though – even if it is Christmas, I can still squeeze in two fast days and continue the good work!

Day 35 (Monday)

Breakfast – Well, today started off well as I was aiming to have a fast day, so made my lovely Eontu Apple & Cinnamon Porridge:

However, when I got into the office, one of my colleagues was handing out Toblerone and there was some talk of ‘nibbles’ so decided to fast tomorrow instead ūüôā

Lunch – Jacket Potato with Cheese and Coleslaw from the Works Canteen

Dinner – Left over chinese takeaway heated up! Yum!

Drank – Water, Tea with skimmed milk, one glass of diet coke

Day 36 (Tuesday)

Breakfast РBowl of Eontu Apple and Cinnamon Porridge

Lunch – Nice steaming hot mug of Eontu chicken soup:

Dinner – Needed warming up so went for Eontu’s Red Bean Chilli, its so delicious!

Drank – water

Day 37 (Wednesday)

Breakfast – Bowl of Special K Oats and Honey with skimmed milk

Lunch – At work today so went for my favourite, Jacket Potato with Cheese and Coleslaw! Yummy.

Dinner –

Drank – Water, Tea with skimmed milk and no sugar

Then decided to have a break from the food diary over Christmas!





Feeling absolutely amazing today. Ten pounds down, trousers are really loose, my¬†stomach is noticeably slimmer and people are starting to comment on how great I look! Even my dad noticed, although he still thinks I need to lose another stone!!! ¬†Have found it really easy to stick to as it is just two days a week, and the packs make it so simple! Just choose what I want to eat from the selection, add hot water and off I go! I have been really surprised by just how tasty the meal replacement packs are as well – I haven’t felt like I was missing out I have genuinely enjoyed the food. The next two weeks will be interesting as it is the run up to Christmas, but I am planning on still doing my two fast days a week and making healthier choices on the other days so shouldn’t go off course too much. All bets are off on Christmas day, though – Turkey and Roast Potatoes I am coming for you!

Day 28 (Monday)

Breakfast – My favourite Apple and Cinnamon Porridge

Lunch – The tastiest and creamiest chicken soup.

Dinner – Cottage pie

Drank – water.

Day 29 (Tuesday)

Breakfast – Special K Oats and Honey with skimmed milk

Lunch – Jacket Potato with cheese and coleslaw

Dinner – Leftover Curry (no chips or naan) with freshly cooked lamb chops. This looks like a lot of food, but we have started serving it on smaller plates! I didn’t finish it all off either – after all moderation is the key!

Drank – Water, tea with skimmed milk and no sugar, one small Belgian beer.

Day 30 (Wednesday)

Breakfast – One Weetabix with skimmed milk.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Lunch – Pesto Chicken and Roast Vegetables on a Spinach Wrap with a packet of Sour Cream & Chive Baked Crisps.

Dinner – Hubby wanted to try the new Turkish restaurant that has opened down the road, so he bought three different types of sandwich – falafel, chicken and lamb. He also bought hummus¬†and chips – but you’ll be glad to hear I didn’t eat all of this! The ‘sandwich’ on the far right is the falafel one, which I ate, and the other two I did not eat! Think my appetite is shrinking – which is a good side effect of the five:two plan for me!

Drank – Water, tea with whole milk, tea with skimmed milk.

Day 31 (Thursday)

Breakfast – Bowl of Special K with skimmed milk

Lunch – Chicken stir fry (as I was lining my stomach for my Work Christmas do!)

Dinner -We went to Solita NQ for our Christmas Do Meal. Shared a plate of Nachos with a colleague. Ate the Buttermilk Chicken burger but not the bun, and all of my Sweet Potato Fries. Also shared some deep fried Cookie Douch and Ice Cream with a colleague.

Drank – Tea with skimmed milk & no sugar, water, gin & tonic, rose wine

Day 32 (Friday)

Breakfast – Missed.

Lunch – Chicken Stir Fry. Really wanted a McDonalds but tried to stay a little healthy!

Dinner РHubby made Chilli with Turkey Mince (which is better for you than beef mince). Had it with Creme Fraiche, Home Made Salsa, and grate Cheddar.

Drank – Water, tea with skimmed milk.

Day 33 (Saturday)

Breakfast – Missed.

Lunch – Two sausages and a slice of bacon at Mother-in-Laws

Dinner – Chinese takeaway after a busy afternoon at Stockley Farm on the ‘Elf Experience’!

Drank – Water, tea with skimmed milk, white wine.

Day 34 (Sunday)

Breakfast – Bowl of Special K Oats and Honey

Lunch – One slice of Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Dinner – Leftover turkey mince chilli and two wraps.

Drank – Water, tea with skimmed milk and no sugar.