Hi, I’m Louise.

To sum me up I like tea, words and pretty things. Stand me in front of a room of people and I will clam up, but stick me behind a screen and I can write for ever and a day.

English was my favourite subject at School (tied with Fashion & Fabrics actually), and after A’Levels and a degree in Fashion Marketing, I spent ten years working on the Ladies Fashion floor at John Lewis Cheadle. However, when my son was born I decided that late nights and weekends away from him weren’t going to work, and so I changed career and became a freelance digital copywriter.

I was lucky enough to land a contract with the Jacques Vert group at the start of the digital revolution – yes, there was a time before social media for business existed – and ended up setting up the social media accounts for all four of their brands. I spent four happy years with themĀ and then branched out to work with a variety of other clients – including a Christian Publishing Company, a luxury travel company and a discount sportswear retailer.

I can pretty much turn my hand to anything – I love to write – but my specialities are fashion, lifestyle and travel. I have spent the last seven years writing for other people, and so I thought as I turned 40 this year it was high time I wrote for myself as well – which is where this blog comes in!

If all this sounds interesting, then get in touch. You can email me at hello@fortytothemax.co.uk or catch me on twitter at @FortyToTheMax. And if you are ever in Manchester, just give me a shout – I’m a dyed in the wool Northerner who likes nothing better than tea and cake.


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